Learn The Shaka

Shaka Meanings were derived from Kupuna (Hawaiian elder) interviews during the making of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.”

Shaka Pledge Meanings Fear Not
Shaka Pledge Meanings Connect
Shaka Meaning 3 Nurture
Shaka Meaning 4 Serve
Shaka Pledge Meanings Excel

Meanings Map

Ideal for classroom, office, store use. See Shaka Store »

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Shaka Application Sessions

Shaka learning and application sessions are offered including the following:

Shaka Primer

Introduction to Shaka origin and meanings by Shaka Film experts, trailer, documentary and Shaka Meanings Map.


Group-based creativity and reflection experiences:

      • Strategy. Visioning, mission, brand-building, marketing or sales session.
      • Innovation: Design-thinking, planning or brainstorming session.
      • Team-Building: Diversity, equity, inclusion, corporate social responsibility or morale-building session.
Session Fees

Group provides location, audio/visual requirements, food/beverage plus Session Fees which include media viewing rights, handouts, talent and coordination services:

    • 1 Hour Session: $1,500
    • 2 Hour Session: $3,000
    • ½ Day Session: $5,000
    • Full Day Session: $8,000

Nonprofit & school discounts available.

All proceeds go to the Project Shaka at Bizgenics 501(c)(3) nonprofit for use to benefit the Hawai‘i community and world beyond.

Hawai‘i Public Radio Interview

Listen to Steve Sue on HPR’s “The Conversation” Radio Interview »